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Hi welcome to my best heart rate monitor & heart rate monitor reviews website! This is Alan here. If you are looking for a heart rate monitor, you have come to the right website. I have researched and used many heart rate monitors due to my work as a personal trainer, but of course I can’t possibly own all the heart monitors available in the market, so I’ll try my best to illustrate and research base on consumer report, owner’s feedback, articles and blogs to help you to find your heart rate monitor here.

Best heart rate monitor - heart rate monitor reviews

How to Choose the Best Heart Rate Monitor

I have used my fair share of heart rate monitors, when walking, running, and also on machines like treadmills and ellipticals. Whether you are buying the best heart rate monitor watch for basic or professional use, there are a few things that should be taken into consideration when you compare the various models available.

  • Big Display and Font
    The most frustrated thing to experience when working out is having to squint at the heart rate monitor and yet cannot read it. I’m not saying that because I have bad eyesight, but outdoor conditions like strong light can affect the display. A big display is also better to read when you are running or on the move.
  • Beep Indicator
    A good heart rate monitor is one that will tell you when your heart rate has gone below or above the optimum level. After all, the main reason for checking your heart rate is to maintain your heart rate at a level that is not too high to be physically harmful and yet high enough to burn calories.
  • Responsive and Accurate
    The chest strap type heart rate monitor should be responsive so that when you speed up or slow down, the monitor will keep up with you instead of showing high fluctuations in a sudden. It should also be accurate although it is difficult to ascertain this.
  • Big Buttons and Simple Programming
    Nobody likes a piece of difficult technology taking up their time when they are trying to achieve something else. When achieving results is your priority, some easy buttons are what you would like in your gadget.
  • Comfort
    If you are buying a chest strap, try not to buy the cheap ones because they are often uncomfortable to wear. A good quality and flexible strap will make a difference in your workout experience. Strapless heart rate monitors are the most comfortable but often do not perform as well as those with chest straps because the technology is relatively new.

Many people are looking for a good heart rate monitor to optimize their workout on exercise bikes, treadmills and etc. A quality heart rate monitor is definitely worth the investment!

Best Heart Rate Monitor Watch Reviews

To find the right heart rate monitor, firstly think about the purpose you want to put it to.

  • Basic Heart Rate Monitor – For getting an effective workout without doing it too hard and damaging your muscles, you need a basic heart rate monitor watch that can warn you when your heart rate is above or below your proper heart rate level.
  • Best Heart Rate Monitor – A stylish and greatly functional heart rate monitor not only to track heart rate, but also track burned calories and store your workout sessions data.
  • Best Heart Rate Monitor for Weight Loss Plan – Working out to lose weight? Track your heart rate, calorie burn and fat burn with this highly motivational heart rate monitor with daily and weekly reviews.
  • Best GPS Heart Rate Monitor Watch – If you are a sports enthusiast or mountain sports lover, then you need a professional heart rate monitor like this.

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Best Strapless Heart Rate Monitor Watches

Chest strap types are always more accurate than the strapless heart rate monitors. Nowadays all the best heart rate monitors include chest straps so it is also important to look into the quality and comfort level of these chest straps when you buy a heart rate monitor.

If you really must have a strapless heart rate monitor, look for something called the strapless continuous heart rate monitor. It means that the heart rate monitor watch will continuously show your pulse just like any heart rate monitor with a chest strap.

Heart Rate Monitor Brands

Polar heart rate monitors are highly recognized in the heart rate watch or heart rate monitor watch industry. Polar has produced a couple of the best heart rate monitors that I highly recommend you to check out.

Garmin is another great brand name in this heart rate watch industry. For example, Garmin Forerunner is highly recommended by many fitness magazines. I really can’t say enough good things about this Garmin Forerunner heart rate monitor.

Other Heart Rate Monitor Brands:

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